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MEN Diesel Daddy DZ7333 LARGE GOLD WATCHES DZ 7333

MEN Diesel Daddy DZ7333 LARGE GOLD WATCHES DZ 7333

Diesel The Daddies DZ7333 is an amazing and special Gents watch. Case is made out of PVD Gold plated while the dial colour is Black. The features of the watch include (among others) a chronograph and date function. We ship it with an original box and a guarantee from the manufacturer.

  • Brand: Diesel
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  • Gender: Gents
  • _x0009_
  • Model Name: The Daddies
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  • Movement Source: Japanese
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  • Guarantee: 2 years
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  • Packaging: Diesel packaging
  • Case depth approx.: 14mm
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  • Case width approx.: 57mm


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